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What is Hockey Young Ambassadors? (HYA)

The Hockey Young Ambassador (HYA) Programme is designed to support and recognise the commitment young people give to hockey. Delivered in partnership with University of South Wales (USW), the programme actively develops young leaders and volunteers within the sport; giving young people a voice. The programme is suitable for young people aged between 12-21, who have a passion for developing hockey experiences for the younger generation.

Being a HYA isn’t just about coaching and umpiring

Those are part of our offer but the HYA programme is much more than just these two elements. As a HYA, we look to develop the young person themselves, improve their confidence, networking skills, public speaking skills, develop employability skills and look to develop them as a young leader.

A person who can lead, motivate and inspire others around them, through the power of hockey.


Benefits of the 
HYA Programme

For Young People

▪ Opportunities to learn and develop new skills e.g. communication, leadership, event management, teamwork etc.

▪ Opportunities to volunteer at local, regional, National and International events, gain work experience

▪ Opportunity to improve confidence and self esteem

▪ Recognition and reward for your commitment to volunteering

▪ Opportunity to meet new people

▪ Opportunity to receive support for job applications and university placements

Benefits of the 
HYA Programme

For clubs, schools, colleges and universities

▪ A passionate workforce of young people

▪ Role models to help inspire others

▪ Provide a voice for young people in the club / school / college / university

▪ Recognition of having Young Ambassadors and role models within the school / club / college / university

▪ Opportunities for clubs / schools / colleges / universities to offer something additional to their young and inspiring leader


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