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U12 Girls Schools
Championship Regulations

U12 Girls Schools Championship Regulations 2021/2022 

These regulations will be used for the U12 Girls Schools Competitions played under the auspices of Hockey Wales.  In an ideal world, these regulations would be used at all levels of competition i.e. qualifying and finals, however, it is understood that due to pitch restrictions etc. it may not be possible to adhere fully to these regulations


The U12 Competitions shall be open to all schools for whom details have been registered with Hockey Wales

U12 Competitions

The FIH Rules of Hockey shall apply, with the following exceptions:

⦁    Matches shall be played across half a hockey pitch

⦁    All matches shall be 7 a-side though squads of up to 10 players will be permitted for the national finals

⦁    A result shall stand I the two teams have a minimum of 5 players each playing the game

⦁    Players must be in school year 7 – those eligible to play will have their 12th birthday falling between 1st

September 2021 and 31st August 2022  
Girls of primary school age are not allowed to play

Any participating team can only play girls who are on roll at their school, during the school year 2021/2022

⦁    Matches will be 15 minutes each way with a three-minute break for half time

⦁    Teams will consist only of girls

⦁    Each team must play with a fully attired goalkeeper at all times

⦁    Teams will play all other teams in their pool and the following points will be awarded for each match:

⦁    Three points of a win

⦁    One point for a draw

⦁    In the event of teams finishing with an equal number of points at the end of the qualifying pool matches

the ranking in the pools shall be decided using the following criteria:

⦁    Goal difference

⦁    Highest number of goals for

⦁    Winner of the match between the two teams

If the scores are still tied, a set of 3 shoot-outs will be taken, then sudden death shoot-outs will be taken by the same 3 players (see separate shoot-out regulations)          


Note: A shoot-out competition will only be necessary if it affects progress to the next round or medal winning positions in the national finals

⦁    Penalty Strokes should be taken 5 metres from the goal

⦁    Long corners will be taken from an imaginary line approximately 5 metres from the top of the circle - this imaginary line will also be classed as the 23m area and normal rules of hockey shall apply

⦁    A green card will indicate a warning, not a two-minute suspension

⦁    Players may not play the ball above shoulder height

⦁    All players MUST wear shin pads and should wear gum shields

⦁    Players should not wear jewellery likely to cause injury to other players

⦁    Players should wear appropriate playing kit

⦁    Teams should provide their own first aid kits and it is the responsibility of the teams participating in the tournament to provide their own first aid to any of their players who need it

⦁    Participating schools must be aware of Hockey Wales Policies and Procedures (including Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding, Disciplinary) which will apply to all matches

⦁    The Competitions TAG shall determine the action to be taken for any matter not specifically covered by these regulations

⦁    Should issues arise on the day, the TD shall determine the action to be taken - if no TD is appointed, the organiser / such person(s) as the Competitions TAG has delegated to assist with the running of the competition, shall determine the action to be taken

HW Competitions TAG
March 2022


HW Competitions Chair                        Bill Riley

HW Events Manager                        Amanda Roberts

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