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We Want To Hear Your Voice!

This is your chance as a Hockey Wales member to give us your thoughts on all things Hockey as we look to better prepare for the future.

The sporting climate is going to face some difficult challenges over the next few years, and every National Governing Body is going to need to adapt. Hockey Wales cannot stand still, and we want to hear your views, experiences and feelings as we reflect on our current levels of provision, and explore the best way forward to safeguard the future of our sport together.

This is a comprehensive questionnaire which explores all aspects of Hockey across Wales. This is your opportunity to voice your opinions and really influence the direction the organisation takes over the next cycle. The survey is broken down into 15 different sections, and to complete this with detail, could take up to an hour to complete, but the greater the detail, the greater the insight we gather which supports the right decision making.

This survey is being sent to all Hockey Wales members, so your views as a player, a coach, a club volunteer, an official, or simply as a fan will be taken on board.

There are other incentives to completing this survey. If over 60% of members from any affiliated club complete the survey, (clearly stating their club name) we will be able to provide individual breakdowns of the results to better shape your club development plans. We will also randomly select 10 individual members to come and experience a VIP day at their choice of the next Male of Female Senior International to be played in Cardiff. There will also be other Hockey Wales goodies up for grabs.

The Survey will remain open until Friday 28th April, so please take this opportunity to have your say, and shape the future of Hockey in Wales.

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