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Over the weekend of the 17th-19th June, several Wales women masters teams competed in the Masters 4 Nations in Nottingham. Welsh squads were represented across the tournament, including the O35, O40, O45, O50, O55 and O60 categories. Read on to see how all our teams got on!

Wales Women O35


Wales 2 - 3 Ireland

Wales 1 – 4 England

Wales 3 – 1 Scotland

Goal scorers

Game 1: Emma Winch, Rebecca Cashman

Game 2: Rebecca Cashman

Game 3: Sadie Mellalieu, Amelia Dunn, Rebecca Cashman

Match summaries by captain Cath Fuge

Game 1:

Even though it was a 1045am push back the sun was shining and the temperature was soring. This was Ireland’s O35s first Masters tournament so we had no prior knowledge of how they would play.

From the whistle it was end to end and we knew this wasn’t going to be a straight forward match. Ireland were skilful, well organised and strong, but that didn’t faze us at all. It was 0-0 going into the 2nd quarter but in the 22nd minute Ireland scored. As a squad we reset and kept the pressure on.

Not long after conceding a goal, Emma Winch scored an absolute cracker of a goal which put us level. Ireland scored again in the 33rd minute which made us battle even more. We equalised in the 42nd minute with a calm and collective goal by Rebecca Cashman.

Pressure from both sides kept the game interesting and had everyone on the edge of their seats. In the 66th minute Ireland attacked and scored another goal which we couldn’t come back from.

The full time whistle went and the final score was 3-2 to Ireland. We played some outstanding hockey and had many opportunities to score but we were unable to put our chances away.

Game 2:

It’s always a good match when it comes to Wales v England and this one was no exception. England were a very good side and they were completely different from previous years - very skilful and organised.

However, we were a completely different side too! We put the pressure on from the start and kept it on until the final whistle. Again, we were unable to put our chances away (we had so many) and felt the score line didn’t reflect our performance.

Some interesting decisions made from the umpires against us, which scratched a few heads, however we maintained our professional game and kept moving forward.

Game 3:

Our last game of the tournament and we knew Scotland were a good side. There was no time for complacency, and we were under no illusion that this was going to be another tough game.

Scotland were organised, fit and put the pressure on us from the start. They never gave up and any opportunity they had to ask us questions they took. It took a while for us to settle but I put that down to a very rushed warm up and 5 minutes on the pitch before the start to do stick and ball and to warm our keepers up.

This was another end-to-end game. 3 very good goals from us and 1 from the Scots. A very good game overall and we look forward to playing against them in the World Cup in August.

Wales Women O40


Wales 0 – 5 Ireland

Wales 1 – 6 England

Wales 4 – 2 Scotland

Goal scorers

Game 2: Rachel Disley

Game 3: Abi Welsford x2, Hannah Knight, Jess Williams

Wales Women O45


Wales 0 – 5 England

Wales 3 – 1 Ireland

Wales 3 – 3 Scotland

Goal scorers

Game 2: Becky Tomas, Annie Petherick, Becky Lamb

Game 3: Becky Lamb, Ceri Cole, Jackie Brooks

Match summaries by captain Heather Wale and Annie Petherick

Game 1:

First up were England in the baking mid day sun, a tough opening fixture for the Welsh 45s. Despite being up for the challenge there were a few welsh nerves rattling around and a well drilled English side capitalised on early errors to score 4 in the first 30 minutes.

The valiant efforts and immense saves from Llian Trew and Jo Jones kept the English out . A skilful shot and a near miss in the top right hand corner for Jackie Brooks kept the Welsh snapping at English heels.

The next 33 mins remained goal less reflecting the Welsh composure as they settled into the game and the game plan. Despite creating chances, the Welsh 45s couldn’t convert. A late excellent deflection from England ended the game 5-0. Although disappointed with the final score line, the Welsh remained resilient and fired up ready for the next match.

Game 2:

The game started at a very high pace and was end to end. A well taken goal for Ireland after 9 minutes was quickly nullified by an amazing counter attack - it started from the half way line, with a dreamy run and classy finish from Becky Thomas who replied within 60 seconds!

This gave the welsh renewed confidence and belief, with the team soaking up the pressure when needed and created several attacking chances. Emma Done calmly slotted a perfect ball through to Ceri Cole, who with her lightening speed, broke through the defence to win a penalty stroke.

This was calmly and confidently slotted away by Annie Petherick in the 28th minute, with the Welsh crowd going wild!

A thrilling end to end game saw the score line remain the same into the final quarter. With nothing to lose Ireland took their keeper off. The Welsh had to be switched on and alert to the extra outfield player to manage the additional pressure. Following a break away, Ceri Cole slotted a neat ball though to Becky Lamb who entered the D and calmly slotted home the deciding goal to wrap up the game up 3-1.

A fantastic result for the Welsh and a rock solid game plan devised and implemented by Coach Dawn Mitchell-Williams proved the squad capable of achieving great things and a result to be proud of!

Game 3:

This was a thrilling encounter which could have gone either way! Scotland started the game well and and attacked the Welsh hard right from the start with a stronger side than we have seen in recent years. The Welsh held their own and created chances, but it was Scotland who converted first after 12 minutes.

Composure and great teamwork enabled an equaliser for the Welsh after 20 minutes, which was initiated by Sarah “Northern” Waters whose terrier like work in midfield and sheer determination, opened a gap for a darting run from Ceri “ Lightening” Cole with a great finish from a narrow angle, beating the Scottish keeper.

Becky Lamb coolly slotted away the 2nd goal for the welsh, putting them ahead in the 29th minute.

This lead was short lived as Scotland replied with an equaliser just 3 minutes later, breaking Welsh hearts.

There were missed chances for both sides but fantastic goal keeping displays by Trew and Jones prevented the Scots from further goals.

In the 59th minute, Jackie Brooks seized her opportunity and put us ahead with a rasping drive from the top of the D! However a quick re-start, left the Welsh still celebrating, whilst Scotland seized their chance for a quick counter attack, forcing errors resulting in a penalty corner which they converted.

The Welsh were disappointed not to slay the Scots with a missed opportunity for a second win. However unlike previous years the Welsh 45s remained strong to the end with the defence thwarting several Scottish attacks, and the squad managing the closing stages of the game well under a considerable amount of pressure to ensure the draw.

Captain Heather Wale said “This is a reflection of the great preparation by our coach Dawn Mitchell-Williams and management team Linda Treharne and Deb Painter. The tournament was a fantastic whole squad performance to be proud of, resulting in the highest placed Welsh team this year and a first ever 2nd place for all the squad! Ardderchog!!”

Coach Dawn Mitchell-Williams added it was “an absolutely superb performance from the whole squad and an amazing achievement! I am so incredibly proud of all the players and what we have achieved together...I’ve waited 4 years for this!“

Wales Women O50


Wales 1 – 7 England

Wales 2 -2 Ireland

Wales 0 – 0 Scotland

Goal scorers

Game 1: Tracy Bow

Game 2: Eluned Smith x2

Match summaries by captain Tracy Bow

Game 1:

Match vs England was played in a 34-degree heat at midday. The opposition were clinical in front of goal, but the score didn’t truly reflect the game. It was hard fought battle and both teams were consistent throughout, but the speed of transfer found gaps too often and hence a disappointing score line or Wales. We had chances and scored through an excellent short corner strike.

Game 2:

A reenergised squad matched the feisty physical Irish side with solid waves of defence and attack throughout. Two excellent, well worked goals were brilliantly taken to give a 2-1 lead, only to be thwarted by a contentious decision of a penalty corner in the closing stages. Delirious with excitement about the whole squad’s performance but a tinge of disappointment that a win had been taken from us.

Game 3:

Monumental display of guts and courage throughout with some fiery tackling and a never give up resilience. Development from the first days play to what we produced against the Scots was fantastic, with all squad members producing a team performance rather than being individual heroics.

Captain Tracy Bow said “We played with immense pride for our feathers and for Niki G.”

Wales Women O55


Wales 0 – 2 Ireland

England 2 – 0 Wales

Wales 1 – 2 Scotland

Goal scorers

Game 3: Meinir Thomas

Wales Women O60


Wales 0 - 7 England

Wales 1 – 1 Scotland

Wales 4 – 0 Ireland

Goal scorers

Game 2: Lis Jones

Game 3: Jan Poulton x2, Lis Jones x2

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