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Following his appointment back in January, New Chief Executive Paul Whapham started his first day in the role on Monday 13th March. As previously announced, Paul joins Hockey Wales from the Ospreys where he has played a leading role in the formation of Ospreys in the Community, growing it to become one of the largest sports development charities in Wales.

Following his first week in post, Paul said

“My first week has been like starting a new school, but I have had a very warm welcome from those who I have met from the Hockey family. During my first week, I spent some time with the staff trying to understand more about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. I also had the pleasure of watching the National schools’ finals held in Cardiff and Swansea HC Women’s 1s encounter with top of the league Bowden at the weekend.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to visiting clubs, schools and key stakeholders, so that I can learn more about the sport but I would also encourage all our members to answer our consultation survey ( we want all of the hockey family to shape this new era of Hockey in Wales. My hope is that listening to a wide range of people within hockey and beyond, educating me with your ideas and experience will help me form an opinion on the future direction of our sport.

I wish everyone the best of luck as we enter the final stages of the season and congratulations to Cardiff & Met Mens 1s who have just secured promotion to the Men’s Premier Division - a first for any men’s team in Wales.”

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