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Men's Competition Regulations

Men's Senior Competition Regulations 2021/2022 


These Regulations are applicable to the following National Competitions played within the control of Hockey Wales (HW) and should be read in conjunction with the individual tournament regulations

⦁    Welsh Championship

⦁    Welsh Trophy

⦁    Welsh Challenge

⦁    Welsh Masters

Management and Control

⦁    Shall be invested in the HW National Competitions Coordinator

⦁    The HW Competitions Technical Action Group (TAG) may appoint Coordinators to assist in the organisation of individual competitions


⦁    Any club affiliated with HW may enter

⦁    Entry form(s) and any entry fees as advised by HW shall be sent to HW by the designated date on the entry form

⦁    All monies will be controlled by HW

⦁    No club may enter more than one team per outdoor competition, subject to the Competitions Coordinators discretion for the Men’s Trophy and Challenge competitions.  If any club has permission to enter more than one team into any competition, players must be selected to play the whole competition for that one team and cannot be selected for any other team in the same competition

⦁    All Clubs and players must pay the current HW affiliation fees by 31st October


⦁    If a Club enters a competition whereby the winners are invited to participate in a European competition the club, on entering that competition, accepts that European entry is an absolute expectation should they win that competition.  Should the invitation be declined then penalties will be imposed.  The only grounds for declining to enter a European competition are if that Club has qualified for both the Indoor and an Outdoor competition in the same season. Should this situation arise then HW will seek a replacement which will, where possible, be the runner-up in the relevant Welsh competition

⦁    For the EHF qualification the highest ranking EHL team will be automatically allocated the first EHF position.  The 2nd ranked EHF position will be allocated to the winner of the Championship, or the runner-up if the highest placed EHL club also wins the Championship

⦁    Those clubs with teams in the leagues as detailed in Appendix A will be entitled to enter one team into each of the respective competitions for which they have qualified (see 3.10).  Additional teams may be entered into the Trophy and Challenge tournaments (see 3.4)

⦁    Any club member (affiliated with HW) will be allowed to participate in the highest-level tournament for which his club has entered.  If, however a club has entered a second or third team into differing level competitions then each club must nominate with HW the names of their strongest 14 players from each team that maintains a place within each higher-level competition.  The selection of each team should be made from the nominated list of players.  It is expected that these nominated players will only play in the competition in which their regular team is qualified with nominated players not being eligible to play in any lower tiered competition(s).  If a team is short of players for any match it may make up their numbers from selecting from a team from a lower tiered competition only. The list of names must be received by HW by 1st September or by a date specified by the National Competitions Coordinator.  An amended list of players, to allow for injuries etc. may be forwarded to HW between 1st and 14th January detailing the reasons why the player(s) are being withdrawn from the original list.  The National Competitions Coordinator will consider any such request and will advise the club if the change has been approved or declined.  No additional changes will be allowed outside of these dates.  If a club does not enter teams into all levels for which they are eligible they must still register the players from the higher-ranking level tournament(s) 

⦁    Example – a club having one team in the Men’s Division 1 North (Grade 1) and one in the Premier Division (Grade 1) will be entitled to one entry into the HW Championship and would have to nominate 28 players who would not be eligible to play in either the Trophy or Challenge level competitions.  The selection of the team to play in the HW Championship should only be made from these 28 players with any other players only being selected from teams in lower tiered competitions

⦁    The format of the Championship competition will be determined by the Competitions TAG

⦁    The Trophy and Challenge competitions will be played on a knock-out basis

⦁    With the exception of the Championship, no team shall automatically qualify for any final

⦁    A maximum of 18 players (a weekend) may be used by a team, of whom 2 must be goalkeepers wearing full protective equipment.  If a team chooses not to include a second goalkeeper in the 18 players, they are limited to using 16 players (a weekend).  Any variations will be advised by the National Competitions Coordinator prior to the start of the competition

⦁    Only players aged 40 or over during the calendar year of the competition, may play in the Welsh Masters Cup.  The format of the competition will be determined by the National Competitions Coordinator once entries have been received


⦁    Masters teams may consist of players from no more than three Welsh clubs with the prior approval of the National Competitions Coordinator, but players may only play for one team / composite team in the competition (see 15.4).  Any player who is not a member of a HW affiliated club may participate but must affiliate with HW as a member of one of the three “merged” participating clubs 

⦁    Players under 13 years of age, on the day of competition, are not eligible to play in Senior Competitions


⦁    Where possible, all draws will be made via the Playwaze platform

⦁    The team drawn first is the Home team (dependent on the format of the respective competition)

⦁    Any matches, except for the finals, involving a North club playing a South club will be played in Mid Wales 
       HW will book and pay for the pitch, but the team drawn first will be deemed the Home team and will undertake Home team responsibilities, however, no refreshments will be provided

⦁    With the exception of the Championship, no team shall automatically qualify for any final

⦁    If two teams, from the same club, qualify for the last four places in a competition, they will play each other in the semi-finals

Rules of Play

⦁    All matches shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Hockey as issued by the FIH unless otherwise advised by the National Competitions Coordinator (Trophy and Challenge knock-out matches will be 35 minutes each way)

⦁    In the event of HW adopting experimental rules, matches will be played to such rules during their currency.  The final of the Men’s Championship may be played in accordance with the rules appertaining to EHF club competitions for that season

⦁    If there is a clash of colours, the Away / second named team shall change to different colours.  This must include shirts and socks

Dates of Matches

Matches shall be played on the dates designated in the HW Priority Calendar


⦁    The Championship, Trophy and Challenge competitions, shall take priority over all other hockey played under the auspices of HW

⦁    No postponement in the event of a clash with a re-arranged league match will be allowed where the respective HW competition date has been advised in the Priority Calendar as initially published

⦁    Exceptions: NAGs and Senior training and matches and U23 Programme Activity, may have priority provided that these dates are included in the Priority Calendar as initially published

⦁    No matches are sanctioned by HW during the Cup Finals weekend other than the finals of the relative national competitions

⦁    NO hockey should be played on National Cup Finals weekend

Time and Duration of Play

⦁    Start time 12.00 noon – 14.30 p.m. or a time convenient to both teams when the fixture is arranged between them.  Times of matches in the semi-finals and finals will be advised by the National Competitions Coordinator

⦁    No matches will be arranged to start under artificial light unless prior approval is obtained from the National Competitions Coordinator 

⦁    All matches to be confirmed, by Home team, with Away team and Umpires at least 10 days prior to match

⦁    If a team is not ready to start a knock-out match 15 minutes after the agreed start time, that team will forfeit the match to their opponents. If this rule applies the team claiming the match must advise their opponents of their intentions as soon as their opponents arrive on the pitch

⦁    If insufficient pitch time is booked for the completion of the game, including shoot-outs, then the home team will forfeit the game

⦁    In the event of a draw at the end of full time in any knock-out match a shoot-out competition will take place, as per Regulations, unless the National Competition Coordinator advises otherwise

⦁    If the format of the competition involves teams playing at the same venue, on the same day (e.g. pool or group games) then the Coordinator will advise teams of start times etc. which may be outside those mentioned above


⦁    The Competitions TAG will decide the venue for the finals of all competitions and may also decide upon semi-final venues, as well as any stage of any of the competitions held as pools or groups

⦁    All matches must be played on artificial turf pitches

Matches – Postponement, Failure to fulfil, Conceding, Abandonment

⦁    Postponed – a “stand alone” match may be postponed due to adverse weather conditions.  The Home team has the sole right to determine if the pitch is unplayable.  The Home team should ascertain from the visiting team the time they intend to depart for the pitch venue and the visitors and umpires should be notified before their departure that the pitch will be unfit due to weather

⦁    Postponed – a match may be postponed if adverse weather conditions prevent the away team from travelling

⦁    Postponed – a match may be postponed if a club has 2 or more players involved with a national squad (see 7.3)

⦁    Postponed for reasons other than 10.1, 10.2 or 10.3 – any request for postponement must be put in writing, to the National Competitions Coordinator, with a full explanation no less than 10 days before the scheduled match start time (unless there are very exceptional circumstances).  The National Competitions Coordinator will determine if the request for postponement has been approved.  A request for a postponement may also incur a fine (see 12.5a) and match expenses (see 12.4), Postponements are unlikely to be granted, for such reasons as: players on holiday, weddings, university exams, international rugby weekends and reasons of personal choice making players unavailable.  Any postponed match must normally be played within 14 days.

⦁    There will be no postponements for matches which form part of pool tournaments

⦁    Conceding a match is unacceptable – the offending club will be fined (see 12.5b) and may incur match expenses (see 12.4)

⦁    Abandonment is the responsibility of the Umpires.  If a game is abandoned, with more than 10 minutes remaining, it is to be replayed normally within 14 days.  If 10 minutes or less remain, the team with the most goals shall be the winner, if a draw, the game is to be replayed, normally within 14 days.

The rearranged fixture should be played within 14 days and the National Competitions Coordinator informed.  If clubs are unable to agree a date, the National Competitions Coordinator will fix a date for playing the match.  Any club refusing to play on a date fixed by the National Competitions Coordinator shall be deemed to have lost the match

Umpires / Officials

⦁    Each team must provide a qualified umpire for every match

⦁    Umpires / Officials must be qualified, as per the WHUA / HW current list of active umpires / officials or hold an equivalent qualification from any National Association and be affiliated to WHUA and HW

⦁    The WHUA may appoint umpires to any match but will provide umpires for the semi-final round onwards in each competition

⦁    Non-arrival of an appointed umpire(s) at the designated time:

⦁    The start shall be delayed for 10 minutes

If the appointed umpire(s) has not arrived at the end of that 10 minutes the following shall apply:

⦁    The Home team captain shall ascertain, from amongst the spectators, if there is a qualified umpire(s) available who is willing to officiate.  That umpire(s) shall then become the “temporary umpire(s)”

⦁    If no such umpire is available then the Home team captain, in consultation with the captain of the Away team and the umpire, shall nominate from amongst their playing squads, a qualified umpire(s) to act as “temporary umpire(s)”          

A player(s) may be withdrawn from either or both playing squads for this purpose.  If a “temporary umpire(s)” has been withdrawn from one playing squad the other team shall withdraw one of its playing squad

Note: for the purpose of this regulation both teams shall have an equal number of players on the pitch provided they both have an equal number of players available.  If one team has fewer than eleven players available, then that differential must be maintained

⦁    In the event of the appointed umpire(s) arriving before the commencement of the 2nd half the appointed umpire(s) will take over the match and the “temporary umpire(s)” and the withdrawn player(s) may re-join the game

⦁    If no replacement qualified umpire is available, the match shall be postponed (see 10)

Expenses, Fines

⦁    The Home team shall meet the match expenses including the provision of the pitch, match balls and reasonable refreshments after the game

⦁    The Away team to meet its own travelling expenses

⦁    All clubs must contribute towards the cost of any expenses for the appointed Umpires / Officials, the amount and method of collection to be decided by the WHUA

⦁    Failure to fulfil a fixture (10.4, 10.6) clubs will be liable for any expenses incurred by their opponents, umpires and appointed officials

⦁    Fines will be levied as follows:

⦁    Postponed as per 10.4 – Fine subject to a maximum of £100

⦁    Conceded as per 10.6 – Fine subject to a minimum of £50 and a maximum of £150

⦁    Non-notification of match sheets and/or results – Fine of £20 for every offence

⦁    Non-notification of nominated players / squad lists (including incomplete / unreadable lists) by due date – Fine of £20

⦁    Playing a non-affiliated player – Fine of £50 plus option to expel the offending team or club from that competition

⦁    In the case of serious or repeated offences the TAG retains the right to impose additional penalties which may include increased fines over and above those detailed above as well as the option to ban or suspend clubs or teams from entering competitions

Match Sheets and Results

⦁    Match sheets and results to be submitted via Playwaze Platform

⦁    Failure to comply will incur a fine (see 12.5c)

Disputes / Appeals

⦁    Any complaint that may arise relating to these regulations or other matters relating to these competitions will only be considered if it is sent in writing to the HW Competitions TAG Chair within 48 hours of the event / decision

⦁    The HW Competitions TAG will determine the action to be taken

⦁    Clubs shall have the right to appeal as laid down in HW Policies and Procedures


⦁    All players participating in Welsh competitions must comply with the HW Membership Regulations and Athlete Transfer Policy (which explain the mechanism for players transferring from one club to another)

⦁    Players shall only play, in any of the competitions covered by these regulations, for the club with which they are currently affiliated, with the exception of the Welsh Masters Cup (see 15.4)

⦁    Players shall not play in any of the competitions covered by these regulations if, after 1st November in the season of competition they have played in any competition in that season for a club which is not affiliated to HW

⦁    It is recognised that some clubs do not play in the Welsh Masters Cup,  If there are players in those clubs who wish to play in the Welsh Masters Cup, then they may play for a club which does participate in this competition provided that they are affiliated with HW and that their own club does not participate in the Welsh Masters Cup 

Doping Control

As per HW Byelaws and Articles of Association, you are reminded that all players could be subject to anti-doping procedures at any match


⦁    Participating teams must be aware of HW Policies and Procedures (including Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding, Disciplinary) which will apply to all matches

⦁    The Competitions TAG shall determine the action to be taken for any matter not specifically covered by these regulations

⦁    Should issues arise on the day, the TD shall determine the action to be taken – if no TD is appointed, the organiser / such person(s) as the Competitions TAG has delegated to assist with the running of the competition, shall determine the action to be taken


HW Competitions TAG
September 2021

HW Competitions Chair                        Bill Riley
HW Men’s National Competitions Coordinator        position vacant
(refer to Amanda Roberts, Hockey Wales Events Manager)


Appendix A

Mens Championship Regulations

Note – the placement of clubs within this system is based on the league placements at the start of the current league season

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